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Voluminous Bio-Beauty

Sandpoint & Coeur d’Alene Fillers & Biostimulators at Signature Aesthetics

When science and beauty combine to create natural-looking, youthful results, you can avoid invasive surgeries and receive an effective way of rejuvenating your skin. Here at Signature Aesthetics in Sandpoint and Coeur d’Alene, ID, we offer a range of biostimulator and dermal filler treatments, each tailored to your unique needs and desired outcomes. 

Volume & Rejuvenation Boosted

What are fillers and biostimulators?

Signature Aesthetics offers a variety of FDA-approved dermal fillers and biostimulators. Our experts at Signature Aesthetics will discuss which of these products are the best for tailored to your individual needs. Fillers are made of a variety of ingredients, hyaluronic acid, CaHA,(Calcium hydroxylapatite), and Poly-L-lactic acid, (PLLA).


Unlike dermal fillers, which simply inject volume, biostimulators stimulate new tissue growth, helping the skin produce its own volume. There are many different biostimulators to choose from, including injectables like Radiesse and Sculptra and non-invasive options like microneedling and threads. 

Radiesse ™

Radiesse is a synthetic calcium that acts as a volumizing filler to provide an instant lift. It continues to work with your body, stimulating the natural production of collagen and elastin for a more refreshed appearance. Radiesse smooths moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds and can improve the appearance of aging hands by restoring lost volume. Radiesse treatments are the only injectable option that gives immediate results plus long-term improvement.


Sculptra® works deep within the skin to stimulate natural collagen production and restore overall facial volume. It is designed to help correct skin depression, such as creases, wrinkles, folds, scarring, hollow eye rings, skin aging, and facial lipo-atrophy (loss of fat).





No Scalpel Needed

What are the benefits of fillers and biostimulators?

Dermal fillers function by directly filling wrinkles, lines, and depleted areas, leading to an instant enhancement in appearance. Their effects typically endure between six to 18 months.

Biostimulators, on the other hand, stimulate the body's natural tissue growth. Unlike dermal fillers, they do not provide immediate fullness but gradually enhance over time. The collagen-boosting properties result in a slower onset of results, often taking several weeks to manifest. However, with proper treatment, these effects tend to last longer than dermal fillers, potentially up to two years.

Natural Enhancements

Your Fillers and Biostimulators Consultation

Enhanced beauty begins with a personalized consultation at Signature Aesthetics, serving Sandpoint, Coeur D’Alene, ID. Our skilled team specializes in offering a range of fillers and biostimulators to rejuvenate your appearance. During your consultation, we'll discuss your aesthetic goals, assess your facial anatomy, and tailor a treatment plan to suit your unique needs. Whether you're looking to diminish wrinkles, restore facial volume, or stimulate collagen production, we have the expertise to guide you toward the best solution.

Trust us to provide exceptional care and transformative results that enhance natural beauty. Schedule your consultation today and discover the possibilities with Signature Aesthetics.

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Tailored Treatments

Your Fillers and Biostimulators Procedure

For filler injections, our expert injectors skillfully administer the product to target areas, instantly smoothing wrinkles and restoring volume. Biostimulators are strategically injected to stimulate collagen production, gradually enhancing skin texture and firmness.

Both procedures are minimally invasive, with little to no downtime required. You can expect to leave our office with immediate results and a refreshed, revitalized appearance. Trust our experts to deliver safe, effective treatments that enhance your natural beauty. 

Add-on Treatments

Microneedling creates micro-wounds to boost collagen production and improve fine lines, acne scars, and more. 

On the Move with No Downtime

Fillers and Biostimulators Results, Recovery and Aftercare

Results from fillers and biostimulators vary depending on the treatment type and individual response. With fillers, patients typically see immediate improvements in volume and smoothness, with optimal results appearing within a week. Biostimulators work gradually, with visible enhancements developing over several weeks and lasting up to two years with maintenance. 

After treatment, mild swelling or bruising may occur, but this usually resolves within a few days. Patients are advised to avoid strenuous activities and excessive sun exposure immediately post-treatment. To maintain results, follow any specific aftercare instructions provided by your practitioner, including avoiding alcohol, blood-thinning medications, and vigorous facial massages for a few days. Regular touch-up appointments are recommended to sustain the desired outcome.

Fillers & Biostimulators

Frequently Asked Questions

The duration of results varies depending on the type of filler or biostimulator used and individual factors such as metabolism and lifestyle. Generally, filler results can last between six to 18 months, while biostimulators may provide effects lasting up to two years with proper maintenance. Regular touch-up treatments are often recommended to sustain the desired outcome over time.

While fillers and biostimulators are generally safe when administered by trained professionals, there may be potential risks and side effects associated with these treatments. It's essential to discuss your concerns with our injection specialists before undergoing treatment. They can provide personalized guidance based on your individual medical history and aesthetic goals.