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About Signature Aesthetics

Our greatest joy is putting the power of deciding what beauty means back in your hands, empowering men and women to make their own dreams and goals for their bodies a reality. With the latest in aesthetic technology and some of the most experienced professionals in the industry, our life’s work is helping you look and feel amazing from head to toe.

Nancy Andrews RN-C


Nancy Andrews is a medical professional with more than 33 years experience in intensive care, medevac, organ donation, and was both a teacher and department director. When medical aesthetics helped her recover from a childhood injury, she discovered the strength and value that comes from taking back your beauty. She now helps thousands of people every year through Signature Aesthetics to discover what beauty means to them, and to look on the outside as great as they feel on the inside.

Your First Consultation

During your one-to-one consultation, we will address your areas of concern and discuss your goals. After fully understanding what you wish to achieve, we will thoroughly evaluate your skin physiology including hydration, sun damage and elasticity. Your complete medical history will be taken to evaluate the best pre and post treatment plans. We will then take photos and these will serve as a guide to demonstrate the progress achieved from your treatments.

With extensive experience of skin and facial anatomy, we evaluate the many products available and will design a customized plan for you to meet your goals and budget. You will also receive comprehensive information about the products used for your treatments. Our goal is to create a refreshed, natural appearance that you will love. We believe your face is your signature—unique, beautiful and completely you!

Meet Your Signature Providers

Nancy Andrews


Smiles, Excitement, Increased Confidence. Changing lives from the outside in.By Milan Chandler

“It’s all about love and the focus being centered on others. It has been my goal to help one person at a time to achieve some of their dreams and hopes. I feel if one person’s life has changed because of Signature Aesthetics, then it was worth it!”For more than a decade, Signature Aesthetics has been changing lives from the outside in; bringing each client’s vision of beauty to reality.Owner Nancy Andrews, RN-C, has had a very fulfilling career as a registered nurse for more than 35 years, with her career evolving as a medical professional treating the aftermath of injury, as well as her own personal experience with a facial injury.

Graham Andrews NP-C


Graham Andrews, NP-C, received his undergraduate Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree in 2013 from Northwest Nazarene University and his graduate Nurse Practitioner degree in 2019 from Frontier Nursing University. His background in nursing includes neurology, cardiac, perianesthesia and intensive care nursing. Graham is a highly skilled health care provider with an artistic eye. He understands the balance of science and art in the field of aesthetics and he is eager to help his clients look refreshed and achieve increased confidence.

Your Signature Team

Patricia Andrews

Administrative Manager

Ali Holloron

Certified Laser Specialist and Coolsculpting Master Technician

Jessica Woods

Front Desk Coordinator and Certified Nutritionist

Baylee Loy

Social Media Coordinator

S.M.I.L.E. Village

S.M.I.L.E is an acronym for Single Mothers Included Loved and Empowered; a ministry of Victory Fellowship. S.M.I.L.E Village in Zimbabwe exists to empower single women spiritually, emotionally, vocationally and economically. Nancy works closely with S.M.I.L.E. Village to bring medical and dental treatments women in desperate need. One person at a time, Signature Aesthetics brings forth the beauty inside and helps people of all walks of life decide for themselves what it means to look and feel great.

smile village